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        The Fuchunjiang manufacturing facility covers an area of 160,700 ㎡. It is divided into manufacturing factories including the machining workshop, the generator parts manufacturing workshop, the fabrication and welding workshop. With over 300 sets of advanced equipment of various sizes, the facility offers a complete manufacturing process from welding, processing, and assembling to testing required for manufacturing the entire systems of major hydropower generator units.

        The machining department has a heavy-duty assembly and machining plant of 13,000㎡, equipped with modern machining systems including the 20m NC vertical lathe, the 14m NC heavy-duty horizontal lathe, the five-axial NC milling-boring machine, and the guide vane machining center.

        The generator parts manufacturing department is equipped with the major enclosed dustproof stator coil operation chamber with constant temperature and humidity. It is a advanced generator manufacturing facility in China, equipped with advanced systems including the NC taping machine for stator bar winding, NC hot-press, NC laser cutter, and coil bar vacuum heating & pressurizing system (VPR).

        The fabrication and welding department is equipped with advanced systems imported or locally produced including major NC cutter, welding and plate-rolling machines.

        THPC is now able to manufacture hydropower generator units with single capacity up to 700MW.