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        Toshiba, founded in 1875, has been in the hydropower field for more than 120 years. It has been a advanced company in designing and manufacturing hydropower equipment whether in Japan or in the world.

        By sending technical personnel to Japan for short-term or long-term internship as well as by inviting Japanese experts to provide tutoring here in China on a long-term basis, we have realized integration with Toshiba in terms of design and manufacturing technologies.

        The Hydraulic Machine Research Laboratory, which was established in 2010, is equipped with the modern high-precision and high-reliability measuring instruments and testing devices meeting the international IEC standards, and is able to conduct the model test of various types of hydraulic turbines from the low-head bulb turbine to the high-head Francis turbine.

        As always, we are committed to the development of highly efficient and highly reliable turbines.