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        Action Principles

         THPC’s Action Principles

        1. Abide by the country’s laws and regulations, and lawfully engage in business activities.

        2. Build on Toshiba’s tradition of being united, collaborative, practical, progressive, innovative and explorative, and be committed to safeguarding Toshiba’s brand image. 

        3. Improve the employees’ skills through training and business practice, and increase the company’s vitality and solidarity by launching diverse cultural activities. 

        4. Develop the latest technologies, operate strictly according to the ISO9001 standard system, offer high-performance and high-quality products to customers, and provide the fastest and most considerate services.

        5. Save resources, manage to use energy efficiently, and introduce efficient and environment-friendly products to the market. Strive to create a safe, clean and healthy workplace by strictly following ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.