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        Message from the President

        Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as THPC), located in the beautiful landscape of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, is a manufacturer established as a joint-venture between Toshiba Corporation and Power Construction Corporation of China, providing hydropower generation products and services to the world.
        As a member of the Toshiba group, THPC has inherited the rich experiences of Toshiba developed during its long history of over 120 years in the hydropower business. THPC has been making steady development with Toshiba’s advanced technologies of high performance, quality, and reliability, especially for the large-capacity, high-head and high-speed pumped storage system, since its establishment in 2005. As an overseas manufacturing base for Toshiba’s hydropower business, THPC will strengthen and deepen our cooperation with our partners in China to explore and expand our business in both China and overseas to fulfill its commitment as a global company.
        Based on Toshiba’s advanced corporate culture and management system, THPC will commit itself to Corporate-Social-Responsibility activities, strengthen legal compliance, promote environmental management and improvement, realize safe and comfortable work environment, and promote initiatives as an eco-leading company.
        Our management policy is “Respecting all people, especially our customers and employees”, “Endeavoring to accomplish further progress and development” and “Contributing to hydropower business and the economic development of society”. Our enterprise goal is “Contributing to the development of green energy and promoting the harmonious coexistence between people and nature”.  As a global enterprise located in China, THPC will continue its advance in hydropower business through R&D, design, manufacturing products and services activities, and contribute to the development of world’s hydropower business and towards better life for all the people around the world in harmony with the global environment.