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        Pumped Storage Units

        Toshiba has been dedicated to developing the large-capacity, high-head and high-speed pumped-storage units. As of Mar. 2013, we have delivered 75 sets of pump-turbine with a total capacity of 18,302 MW and 65 sets of generator motors with a total capacity of 16,278 MVA to customers all over the world. Among them, the Kazunogawa Pumped-Storage Power Station with the variable-speed pumped-storage units with the highest head and largest capacity in the world, and at the present time the Kannagawa Pumped-Storage Power Station has the pumped-storage units with the largest capacity in the world.

        Building on the accomplishments and experiences of Toshiba, we have obtained the ability to develop solutions for major pumped-storage units and their auxiliary systems as well as the ability to handle their procurement, installation, commissioning and testing; we have also developed a comprehensive management capability, including the management of an entire pumped-storage power plant project. Today, we are playing a leading role in China’s hydropower equipment manufacturing industry by the manufacturing of major pumped-storage units.

        As the only hydropower equipment manufacturing company of Toshiba in China, we are committed to providing the best products and services for our customers.