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        THPC`s environmental policy

        THPC’s environmental policy is ‘Committed to People, Committed to the Future’. It is built on the philosophy of ‘green energy for harmony between humans and nature.’ 

        The company is situated on the bank of the beautiful river Fuchunjiang within Tonglu County of Zhejiang Province, which is a national tourist destination for its scenic landscape. The area is upstream from the water system supplying drinking water to Hangzhou. It is one of the company’s major policies to treasure the harmony between humans and nature, to protect biodiversity, and to carry out environment-conscious production activities. Meanwhile, as a manufacturer of hydropower equipment for the production of clean energy, the company is committed to providing environment-friendly products, to protect the planet. 

        1.The environment management system is one of the most important management systems for the company.

        2. We are committed to abiding by related environmental laws and regulations as well as improving pollution control on an ongoing basis. 

        3. Set environment goals and indicators based on the environmental impacts of our business activities, products and services, and make sure they are realized. 

        4. We are committed to providing environment-friendly power generation products, addressing environmental factors such as energy efficiency, emission reduction and green procurement in activities related to development, design and production. We provide effective management of chemical substances having negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity. 

        5. Enhance regional and cross-industry coordination and collaboration to promote environmental exchanges.

        6. We will actively support the environmental activities of our associated companies and our customers as part of our environmental effort.

        7. This policy should be implemented by all the employees and understood by the general public. All employees will be engaged in environmental activities on an ongoing basis.