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        Occupational Health and Safety

        THPC’s occupational health and safety policy


        We respect people, and always put safety first in everything we do. We are committed to creating a safe, orderly and lively workplace for our employees to ensure their physical and mental health.

        1. Occupational health and safety is a priority for us. We strive to improve our occupational health and safety system and performance on an ongoing basis. 

        2. We abide by the country’s laws and regulations on occupational health and safety as well as local and industrial regulations in this regard.

        3. Be clear about the purposes and set the goals for the following, carry them out, and ensure effective improvement: 

        (1) Prevent and control risks caused by business activities leading to disasters, diseases, and injuries.

        (2) Eliminate death accidents, eliminate accidents of major injuries or major fires, eliminate accidents involving occupational diseases, and reduce accidents of minor injuries. 

        (3) Build a sound corporate safety culture to improve the physical and mental health of employees, so that they can fully demonstrate their talents. 

        4. To ensure the safety and health of all parties related to the company’s business activities, we enhance communication with our partners, asking them to address safety and health management, and provide support for them.

        5. Promote our occupational health and safety approaches as well as our accomplishments in this regard to the society, to contribute to the improvement of the health and safety management level of the entire society.